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April 17th 2019 Update

Round 2, this time, boots are on the ground. Let’s do this…again! Link to sign up sent to waiting list. Remaining room in container open to public Monday April 22nd.

3 thoughts on “April 17th 2019 Update

  1. Hi šŸ™‚ I presume to be on the waiting list, which I added myself to last year and received the questionnaire for the survey this year by email. However, I have not received an additional email to sign up for the bikes this year. Does my name on the waiting list last year count (I might just be stating the obvious but would rather check and make sure). Thanks!

    1. Hi Christine,

      Yes yes you are definitely on the waiting list! Thanks so much for signing up so early!
      I think you may have received the email by now? Let me know if you haven’t still. I think there may have just been a delay to recipients sending the email through mailchimp. But it looks like the email got sent to everyone around 11:30am yesterday.

  2. Hello, I signed up for a bike in June in response to the WFP article. Do you have an approximate date for delivery? Also if Iā€™m out of town when you contact me, are you able to store the bike until I return?
    Lorna Derksen

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